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% close based on start date
123 Ross Hook
3 Minute Bar Breakout
Adaptive Moving Average
ADX with Stochastic Signals
Barnes' Moving Average
BDPL Trend Filter
Bearish Engulfing Pattern
Body Momentum
Bollinger Band Confirmation
Bollinger Band Width 2
Bollinger Bands 2
Bollinger Optimised Synergy System
Brown's Indicator
buy exit signal
Closing at end of week
Congestion Index
Contratrend Buy
count back line
count back line 2
Dahl Oscillator
Dahl Volume Trend
Dave's New System (DNS)
Denvelope (RSI)
Didi Index
Displace Indicator Forward
displaced moving average
Dunn-Type 1
Dunn-Type 2
ema cross
Fibonacci Trader - Dynamic Balance Point
Fibonacci Trader - Dynamic Balance Point Step
Fibonacci Trader - Fixed Balance Point
Fibonacci Trader - Fixed Balance Point Step
Fibonacci Trader - Fixed Balance Point- REVISED
Fibonacci Trader - Support and Resistance
Final Plot
forcast osccilator
Full Formula for RSI
gann hi lo
Gann Square of 9 Level
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These pages include formulas from readers, formulas from Equis and formulas derived from Stocks and Commodities magazine. All formulas are for MetaStock v6.5 or higher unless noted. We make no claim that these formulas will work as described. Our objective is just to bring them together on one site as a resource. Your task is to find the formula that will do the task you want, or which can be used as a base which can be modified to do the task you want it to. Most of these formulas have been emailed to us and we believe they are in the public domain. Where known, the author is noted and an email contact provided. If you have additional author details or contacts, then please let us know and we will post full acknowledgements. If your material has been supplied to us and used without permission then please contact us to arrange for immediate removal.

Many of these additions have been collected by Patrick McDonald and we thank him for his contributions. Formula writer Steve Karnish and Henry Kaczmarczyk can also be contacted for additional information.

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